Sample Work



Capstone Project – Microsoft Professionals Data Science Program

Executive Summary of a dataset provided for the capstone project.  Includes classification and regression models.  Data can be found here.

Natural Language Processing

Jupyter Notebook showing natural language processing and a Naive Bayes machine learning model to create a spam detector.


Coal Simulation

Storyboard analyzing the maintenance requirements of different machines in a coal transporting plant. Shows usage of table calculations, trends, and advanced story creation.

Startup Quadrant

Analysis of fictional startup companies demonstrating use of sets and parameters.

Sales Analysis

Sales targets, profit margins, and more. Shows proficiency in dual axis charts, measures, and geographic data.

City/State Profits

Illustrates use of Level of Detail calculations (Include and Exclude) to analyze profits across multiple geographic areas.


SQL Practice Problems

Solutions to SQL Practice Problems by Sylvia Moestl Vasilik. Uses a modified Northwind database and includes solutions to over 50 problems.